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Hi I'm Seifeldeen Mohamed! I go to Rutgers University--New Bruinswick, and I major in Computer Science. My interests are in Front End Engineering and I love to create beautiful performant products with delightful user experiences. My latest internship was a startup company named Wi-Tech. Wi-Tech is a mobile app that detects a user's automotive problems and connects them with the closest mobile mechanic who will come to their location and solve the problem. I was paired with the CTO to learn flutter quickly and revamp a huge number of UI components on the mobile app, particularly on the mechanic side. I like working in a environment where I can learn how to build scalable systems for human-centered products.


Did you know I am a polyglot? (but in code)

  • Python/Django
  • Ruby on Rails/React
  • Swift
  • JavaScript/Node.js
  • Github

When I am not developing my coding skills, I enjoy meeting new people and expanding my connections network. During the week, I am usually studying or attending classes to complete my Degree in Computer Science. On the weekends, I enjoy playing soccer with my friends or spending time with my friends and family.


Team Collabrative Projects. My team and I at StacheSolutions collaborate on tech projects with the purpose of streamlining today's software standards.


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